Custom Design is All About You

Are you tired of seeing the same old engagement ring designs everywhere you look?  How about doing a custom design?  With the help of our custom design specialist you can own a one of a kind ring with your unique taste and all the special features that want.   You do not need to know exactly what your dream ring looks like.  We will take you through our process of discovery and you will learn and find out what you like.  We are the experts to help you explore the details like — precious metal,  gemstone options, micropave, the classic designs, vintage and all the rest to help you to see the unique parts of your ring will best match your taste. 

At Ballard & Ballard Jewelers we believe that everyone is creative and deserves to express themselves.

What better way to do it than letting us help you create your very own custom design one of a kind engagement ring.

Here are some examples:


Marquise halo engagement ring


 Custom spiral engagement ring