Traditional Jewelers

Vintage Designs, Traditional Jewelry, Estate Pieces

Who are we? We are actually a traditional Fine Jeweler…

Not a store that sells ‘Jewelry’

We make it, love it, live it, and create a lifetime career from our commitment to it. It is not a ‘sideline’, a ‘distribution channel’, ‘corporate financial vehicle’, or a way to ‘beat the system’.

Our life’s work enriches the local community through our unique involvement with our clients. We provide goods and services that our customers want, need and desire…the backbone of the American work ethic!

For the past century, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have been traditional jewelers in Southern California and Orange County, providing the very best in vintage designs, traditional jewelry and estate pieces. From the beginning, the Ballard Family has focused on a special balance between buying classical estate pieces and vintage engagement rings for their clients while designing and molding original pieces in traditional jewelry styles.

As the oldest jewelry showroom and manufacturer in Fountain Valley, Ballard & Ballard has served the community as traditional jewelers for years, watching clients evolve their tastes as vintage styles come back into vogue. With everything located under one roof, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers has a century of traditional jewelry styles to access, including the best in vintage and antique design.

Traditional Jewelers With Classic Molds

With a literal treasure trove of jewelry molds dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers offer a wealth of experience, options and family history to our clients. A rarity in California, four generations of Ballards have been designing and creating estate pieces, traditional jewelry and original motifs for a hundred years. The jewelry molds that once were cutting edge designs have now become vintage classics that are as highly desired today as when they were first created.

The highly-trained staff at Ballard & Ballard includes four women with a combined jewelry work experience of over 90 years. With an intuitive understanding of what clients want, they have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people find the traditional jewelry piece they desire. If you do not have the words to express what you want, the talented staff shows you images and designs of past traditional pieces and styles to help.

When it comes to buying estate pieces and vintage jewelry, the Ballard & Ballard master jewelers often experienced frustration because such pieces were one and done. What truly is desired by a modern jewelry artisan is to be able to provide all our clients with traditional jewelry classics and vintage designs beyond just the single pieces. With a big smile, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have been able to combine the classic beauty of the past with the modern technology of today to overcome this challenge.  

Traditional Jewelry Designs With CAD & CAM

A gift of modern technology for masters jewelers is being able to bring the best of traditional jewelry designs and vintage jewelry looks back into circulation. By working with you as the client in conjunction with computer-aided design and our trove of traditional jewelry molds, we can create heirloom pieces with a vintage style today.

Our goal is to help you find the traditional jewelry feel you desire whether or not the ideal estate earrings, vintage pendant or antique ring is available. More essentially, through CAD & CAM modern techniques, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can work within your budget, avoiding the high cost due to limited availability of antique jewelry. Our manufacturing capabilities are state-of-the-art.

Once you have decided upon the traditional jewelry look you want and our computer-aided design (CAD) is approved, we can take the next step forward. Unlike other traditional jewelers, Ballard & Ballard is so much more than just a jewelry showroom. Our master jewelers with technological aptitude on staff can create modern versions of traditional jewelry and vintage designs through computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Such 21st century techniques provide the precision needed to transform a traditional jewelry mold into an accurate reproduction, a classic vision into a modern vintage reality.

Examples of Ballard Traditional Jewelry Designs  

By having the resource of a century of jewelry molds and design work, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can offer you a plethora of vintage jewelry designs. Our most popular vintage reproduction is a stunning classic diamond engagement ring with 34 smaller diamonds surrounding a center round diamond. This traditional engagement ring has a filigree look with open cut through areas and intricate milgrain work.  

If your beloved is a fan of traditional pendants, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers have the original mold to a captivating estate jewelry piece. Surrounded by six stunning diamond, what stands out in this vintage piece is the powerful moonstone in the center that seems to transport you to another time and place. The leave and scroll filigree provide a classical feel that is timeless. If you want to alter these elements, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can use computer-aided design to create something original, yet still traditional and vintage for you.

A final example is the traditional elegance of these tear drop diamond halo earrings. In a classical style, the center diamonds are accentuated by a halo of smaller diamond studs. By creating this estate piece for your collection, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can give you the sense of walking the Red Carpet with Humphrey Bogart, and Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable in Hollywood’s Golden Age.

A History of Traditional Jewelry in Orange County   

Why is Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers the best option in Orange County when it comes to finding the traditional jewelry you want:  

  • The experience of a century of service and expertise
  • Actual Master Jewelers with CAD/CAM capabilities
  • The unique selection of hand-picked Antwerp diamonds
  • A true family business as old as Zales, yet local and real
  • Highly trained staff with intuitive insight and caring
  • A history of traditional jewelry creation you can trust

By adorning the beautiful women of Southern California and Orange County with traditional jewelry for a century, Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers has an instituted lineage and vintage track record that you deserve. Our clients have unique access to a history of traditional jewelry molds and classical designs. Such a history is rare in Orange County, and our master jewelers proudly combine traditional jewelry design with modern technology to turn your vintage visions into affordable and stunning realities.

To learn more about how Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers can help you realize your traditional jewelry dreams, please come visit us in our Fountain Valley showroom, call us at 714-962-0088 or use our contact form. For a hundred years, our customers have come first as we have created a sterling track record of vintage heirlooms and traditional jewelry across Southern California.